Okay, you ready? I'm about to tell you my life like it's a 4th grade book report.

Ages 1 - 8
Kind of blurry. All my friends were so small. Transferred to new school in 2nd grade.

Age 9
Got my first super soaker. Very happy.

Age 10
Met one of my best friends (4th grade). Asked if he wanted to be my friend. He said maybe.
Also my grandpa died.

Age 11-13
Pretty confident I'd be in the NBA and wouldn't have to go to school anymore. Bummed when that didn't work out. 
Still had dreams of D-League.

Age 14
Saved a guys life by calling 911. My dad died. Starting chasing this one girl.

Age 15-17
Still chasing that girl. Made a good group of friends, we played video games every day after school.

Age 18
Got first girlfriend (not that girl). Graduated high school, didn't get into Virginia Tech. Visited VCU, loved it.
Enrolled at VCU. First break up. Had alcohol for first time ever.

Age 19
Went on a date (with that girl, FINALLY). Kissed her, realized I didn't like her (shit). 
Had the coolest roommate ever, got drunk for the first time, had 6-pack abs. 
Met and fell in love with my current girlfriend. Mom diagnosed with cancer.

Age 20-22
Did not take school seriously. Declared major at the end of JUNIOR year.

Age 23
Take a semester off school due to depression. Come back stronger, smarter, and a much better person. 
Make loads of new friends, create a startup with a friend.

Age 24
Graduate with a degree! Immediately start working, then transition to freelancing full time. Girlfriend gets into NYU grad school. We plan to move to NYC summer 2016. I build this website in 3 days.

Age 25-
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